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Connections 2013 (Includes Build & Read and Story Reading & Fluency Intervention Binders)
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Remedial Reading Interventions Level B1 & B2
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By Mary Ann Byrd and Mary Detscher

Finally! Students in Corrective Reading (Decoding) do not have
to miss important instruction on crucial testing and benchmark

RRI parallels the 65 Lesson sequence in Decoding B1 &B2 in an efficient and effective teaching format:
• to enhance important skills and strategies, tested on standardized and benchmark evaluations:
-main idea
-cause and effect
-making predictions
• teaching routines for each lesson become quickly embedded into the daily Corrective Reading Lesson so as to not hinder student progress

RRI enhances the Corrective Reading (Decoding) lessons in quick and powerful “punches” of instruction Students engage in:
• Intense fluency practice
• Activities with graphic organizers
• Cold and hot reads to increase accuracy and word acquisition
• Advanced comprehension instruction based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Engaging writing prompts for every lesson
• Essential vocabulary component with words taken from SAT word lists

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 Remedial Reading Interventions Level B1 & B2

 Level B1

 Level B1 Test Prep Answer Key (Optional)Qty: 

 Level B1 Teacher Manual (Required)Qty: 

 Level B1 Test Prep Workbook Package of 5 (Required)Qty: 

 Level B1 Student Storybook Package of 10 (Optional)Qty: 

 Level B1 & B2

 Laminated Graphic Organizers (11" x 17")Qty: 

 Level B2

 Level B2 Test Prep Answer Key (Optional)Qty: 

 Level B2 Teacher Manual (Required)Qty: 

 Level B2 Test Prep Workbook Package of 5 (Required)Qty: 

 Level B2 Student Storybook Package of 10 (Optional)Qty: 

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